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Silicon Valley Clean Water's (SVCW) Long-Anticipated Gravity Pipeline Project Successfully Achieved a Major Milestone Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

After nearly two years of construction, Silicon Valley Clean Water’s (SVCW) long-anticipated Gravity Pipeline project successfully achieved a major milestone – completing its work tunneling two separate tunnel drives over three miles in length with an excavated tunnel diameter of 16-feet.

Silicon Valley Clean Water Turns to PDB Contracting for RESCU Tunnel

Featured in Tunnel Business Magazine

Formed in 1975, Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) provides wastewater transmission, treatment and effluent disposal services for more than 220,000 people and businesses in the San Francisco Bay area, including the cities of Belmont, Redwood City and San Carlos, as well as the West Bay Sanitary District.

CWEA Plant of the Year 2020-2021

Featured in California Water Environment Association (CWEA)

Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) is a Joint Power Authority (JPA) treating wastewater for their memeber agencies of Redwood City, Westbay sanitary District, San Carlos and Belmont. The population served is approximately 225,000. SVCW is dedicated to it’s customers and employees and is involved in many innovative wastewater treatment processes including research and development of new technologies. SVCW is progressing with it’s $935 million dollar CIP that includes a 3.5 mile gravity conveyance tunnel and a new receiving lift station and headworks. We are all very proud of facility and the employees that make it all happen. Please come and take a tour after the Pandemic and see what we are up to.

Silicon Valley Program to Power Design Build in U.S.

Featured in Water & Wastes Digest

Silicon Valley Clean Water’s (SVCW) Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade (RESCU) program is paving the way for the future of wastewater management and capital improvement upgrades using Microsoft’s collaborative tools and other technology for its innovative approach to project delivery.

Silicon Valley Progresses with its Design-Build First

Featured in North American Tunneling Journal

In Silicon Valley, construction has started on the US’s first-ever progressive design-build tunneling project. Kristina Smith spoke to the team to check on progress so far. It is less than two months since design-build contractor Barnard Bessac JV, with designer Arup, signed the $206m contract for Silicon Valley Clean Water’s (SVCW’s) Gravity Pipeline Project. But already work has begun on site, with specialist contractor Malcolm Drilling constructing the walls for TBM launch shaft.

The Icky Business No One Wants to Talk About or Do Without

Featured in Climate Magazine

They may offer just the basics for that most bodily function: a bowl, a seat, a tank, a handle and the inner workings designed for no-fuss, no-muss dispatch. Newer, luxury models, on the other hand, utterly redefined “going in style” with their integrated air-deodorizer options, the heated seats, foot warmers, built-in night lights, two-user memory, and music. The quiet-closing lids of top toilets will even rise in welcome as the user approaches the throne. 

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