What is the Front of Plant Project?

The Front of Plant (FoP) Project consists of the design, construction, permitting, start-up, commissioning, and closeout for the Receiving Lift Station (RLS), Headworks Facility, Odor Control Facilities, Influent Connector Pipe, Chemical Offload Facilities, Civil site work, Emergency Overflow pipe to storage basin and related process support systems. A Progressive Design-Build procurement process guides the Front of Plant work in stages.

What's Happening

Front of Plant Project

Last Updated April 2024

SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), heads towards completion of the Front of Plant (FoP) project. Paving and striping operations across the FoP site have been completed. SPJV continues to support SVCW O&M with preparing the existing 54″ force main for use as a pipe conduit or other use to be determined by SVCW; the force main has been replaced by the gravity tunnel for conveying wastewater to the WWTP. Once the force main preparation work is completed this month, the FoP project will reach substantial completion, which is a contractual milestone. This will mark a significant milestone for the RESCU Program, SVCW, SPJV and the entire project team.

FoP Headworks
FoP foul air scrubbing system
RLS shaft

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Front of Plant Project

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