What is the Front of Plant Project?

The Front of Plant (FoP) Project consists of the design, construction, permitting, start-up, commissioning, and closeout for Receiving Lift Station (RLS), Headworks Facility, Odor Control Facilities, Influent Connector Pipe, Chemical Offload Facilities, Civil site work, Emergency Overflow pipe to storage basin and related process support systems. Work is being implemented under a Progressive Design-Build procurement process in stages.

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Front of Plant Project

Last Updated November, 2019

SVCW and its design-build partner, Shea-Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), are finalizing design elements for the FoP using the Progressive Design Build project delivery method. This method integrates members of the design-build team with the SVCW team starting at the earliest stages of project development and ensures strong collaboration on developing design solutions and resolving construction challenges as the project moves forward.

A benefit of the design-build delivery method is that construction can begin while the design is being completed. We’re two years into this process and we’re excited to see the design complete.

Meanwhile, construction continued on the FoP project.

In the field, excavation of the 90-foot deep Receiving Lift Station (RLS) shaft is complete. Next, SPJV will pour a thin layer of concrete to create a working platform at the bottom of the RLS. This shaft is built to house the new lift pumps and related support equipment. The new RLS will have capacity to pump at a maximum flow rate of 80 million gallons per day. That’s nearly 56,000 gallons per minute! It will be the delivery system for raw wastewater moving from the discharge end of the new gravity pipeline up to the new SVCW headworks.

Concurrently, we began excavation of the Surge and Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft. We expect it to be completed by the end of November. The SFS provides surge protection during high flows and dissipates the energy of the influent flow before it reaches the RLS. Once the excavation of the SFS is complete, a temporary slab for Salus, the tunnel boring machine, will be installed. Salus will bore through a special section in the wall panel of the SFS.

We also started construction on the above-grade portions of the new headworks structure. This month, we’ll build the first-level concrete walls, columns, and temporary framework structures to form future storage rooms and working decks.

Aerial shot of the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) shaft and the Surge and Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft
Rebar set in wall panels ready for the next concrete pour

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Front of Plant Project

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