The RESCU Program

The RESCU Program describes eleven projects which constitute full replacement and rehabilitation of SVCW’s conveyance system. RESCU includes the Gravity Pipeline, Front of Plant, Pump Stations, and Belmont Force Main projects. The Front of Plant includes six of the eleven projects. The Conveyance System Improvements Environmental Impact Report completed and adopted by the SVCW Commission in April 2017 covers work to be done under all the RESCU Program projects.

Teresa Herrera, SVCW Manager

Celebrating Milestones

An update by Teresa Herrera, SVCW Manager
July 24, 2019

Last week we celebrated several events related to the Gravity Pipeline project:  arrival of the Tunnel Boring Machine, unveiling of Salus’ name, and closing our WIFIA loan.  All the events were marked in a community event at the launch site. Click on this link to take you to photos and description of the event:

In our Front of Plant project, we have begun a 3-month long process to excavate the two deep shafts; one of which will house our Receiving Lift Station to lift water from the tunnel to the surface and the other of which will act as a surge shaft. Underground utilities are nearly complete and, as noted last month, the Design-Build team continues to gear up for above-ground work.

The Pump Stations Improvement project is reaching completion of the Basis of Design Report (BODR). This is a critical step in any project design whereby the criteria necessary for a project is described and agreed upon by all team members.  The BODR depicts structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation requirements and represents approximately 20% design level.  A big milestone to achieve!

I invite you to dive into the different pages of this website to get more detailed information about the three RESCU projects.