The RESCU Program

The RESCU Program describes eleven projects which constitute full replacement and rehabilitation of SVCW’s conveyance system. RESCU includes the Gravity Pipeline, Front of Plant, Pump Stations, and Belmont Force Main projects. The Front of Plant includes six of the eleven projects. The Conveyance System Improvements Environmental Impact Report completed and adopted by the SVCW Commission in April 2017 covers work to be done under all the RESCU Program projects.

RESCU and its subsidiary projects are all considered ‘Essential Infrastructure’ and continue to make progress. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our construction crews continue to operate with additional safety measures in place to keep them safe and healthy. Every day, our crew members are checked for COVID-19 symptoms, including temperature, prior to entering a worksite.  The crews practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, and wear face coverings. We also disinfect commonly used areas daily to prevent the spread of the virus. Safety is our top priority, and operating during this pandemic doesn’t change that priority. 


An update by Teresa Herrera, SVCW Manager
June 2021

Salus, the tunnel boring machine, is oh-so-close to reaching her final destination – the wastewater treatment plant. As of this writing, she’s a little over 100 feet from reaching the retrieval shaft. Her progress is purposely slowed to ensure the shaft, ground improvements, and cutting tools are all ready to make her final push into the shaft. This will be a major milestone to the Gravity Pipeline project; the first of several milestones.  Go to the Gravity Pipeline web page for more information.

The Front of Plant project and Pump Stations project are both in construction and on schedule. The Front of Plant continues to have equipment installed and start up plans are being developed. Work on two of the three pump stations is ongoing and, as always, I appreciate the community’s patience while we have some streets closed and detours in place. This important project will ensure continued wastewater conveyance service for generations.


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