The RESCU Program

The RESCU Program describes eleven projects which constitute full replacement and rehabilitation of SVCW’s conveyance system. RESCU includes the Gravity Pipeline, Front of Plant, Pump Stations, and Belmont Force Main projects. The Front of Plant includes six of the eleven projects. The Conveyance System Improvements Environmental Impact Report completed and adopted by the SVCW Commission in April 2017 covers work to be done under all the RESCU Program projects.

Teresa Herrera, SVCW Manager

Diggin' Away

An update by Teresa Herrera, SVCW Manager
August 26, 2019

We’re still in the progress of digging…vertically not horizontally…yet.

At the Front of Plant project, work continues in excavating the deep Receiving Lift Station. Recall this is the station that will lift water from the tunnel’s terminus up to surface level where it will begin the journey into treatment. This week is also a milestone in that we’ll begin pouring the concrete that will form the foundation for our Headworks facility. Within the headworks we will screen and de-grit the water received from our member agency community before sending into our primary treatment process. 

The tunnel boring machine cutting head and front and middle shields are now placed within the launch shaft to further our Gravity Pipeline project. We’ve also begun work at the north edge of Inner Bair Island, setting piles for the shaft that will be constructed there. This shaft will receive the tunnel boring machine after it finishes tunneling from the launch shaft to this shaft.

Even though I write about our Pump Stations Improvement project last, it’s certainly not the least of the RESCU program! This project is integral to getting water from our community to the gravity pipeline. It is probably the most complex project from the standpoint that our operations and maintenance crews will have significant interaction with these stations once they’re complete. For this reason, we’re involving our staff to great degree as we move the project through design. 

All in all, we’re happy with the progress of all these RESCU elements and we know we’ll finish them successfully. 



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