What is the Pump Stations Project?

All SVCW pump stations require replacement or rehabilitation. The Menlo Park Pump Station will be rehabilitated; the Redwood City Pump Station will be replaced; the Belmont Pump Station will be rehabilitated; and, the San Carlos Pump Station is no longer needed due to the new gravity pipeline. Flows from San Carlos and Belmont will enter into the gravity pipeline via a drop structure at the current San Carlos pump station site. Flows from the Menlo Park Pump Station and the Redwood City Pump Station will flow through the new 48-inch force main to a drop structure at Inner Bair Island.

What's Happening

Pump Station Improvements Project

Last Updated October 2021

SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), continues to make steady progress on the Belmont Gravity Pipeline (BGP) installation work along Shoreway Road in Belmont and San Carlos, CA. The micro-tunneling operation from jacking shaft (JS1) to receiving shaft (RS1), is completed. With its completion, the micro-tunnel boring machine (micro TBM) has been extracted from RS1 and has begun mining at the next jacking shaft (JS2) toward RS1.

Micro tunneling operations

While tunneling operations at JS2 are underway, SPJV is simultaneously demobilizing from and restoring conditions at the JS1 location to pre-construction conditions. The Support of Excavation (SOE) sheet piles for JS1 will be removed and JS1 will be backfilled to grade, prior to repaving the road surface in that location.

At Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS), SPJV is working on the pump station wet well and screening building. The preliminary work of preparing the pump station wet well foundation is ongoing, with installation of the wet well footings. The wet well footings will be constructed with concrete and rebar for added load transfer and bearing capabilities. Construction of the electrical building continues at the RCPS, with installation of concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls and installation of the roof. CMU wall that has been chosen for the electrical building as the CMU wall system provides strength, durability, fire resistance and energy efficiency.

RCPS electrical building in progress

Latest Updates

Pump Station Project

Gravity Pipeline August 2021

With Salus, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), successfully completing its second tunneling drive, SVCW’s contractor partner, Barnard-Bessac Joint Venture (BBJV),

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