What is the Pump Stations Project?

All SVCW pump stations require replacement or rehabilitation. Menlo Park PS will be rehabilitated. Redwood City PS will be replaced. Belmont PS will be rehabilitated. San Carlos PS is no longer needed due to the new gravity pipeline; flows from San Carlos and Belmont will enter into the gravity pipeline via a drop structure at the current San Carlos pump station site. Flows from the MPPS and RCPS will flow through the new 48-inch force main to a drop structure at Inner Bair Island.

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Pump Station Project

Last Updated January 2020

With 60% design for the PSI Project in its final stages, physical models for the Redwood City and Menlo Park Pump Stations were constructed and flow modelling was carried out by the Clemson Hydraulics Laboratories in South Carolina. The Clemson facility is recognized as a leading national research facility that has supported projects from around the United States  and the world with physical simulations of hydraulic facilities; the RESCU Front of Plant project used Clemson to model the RLS, which is currently in construction. 

Using the pump station models, the design team was able to perform hydraulic testing simulating dry and wet weather seasonal flows and identifying hydraulic conditions that may require design adjustments. During the modeling, purple dye was introduced for visualization of the flows in simulated pipes and pumps. Using the results of the model testing, the design team is working with SVCW’s Operations & Maintenance group to finalize pump selections for both Redwood City and Menlo Park Pump Stations. The hydraulic modeling results will be documented as part of the design package to be submitted in the first quarter of 2020.

Purple dye for flow visualization
Physical modeling at Clemson Labs for Redwood City Pump Station

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Pump Station Project

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