What is the Pump Stations Project?

All SVCW pump stations require replacement or rehabilitation. The Menlo Park Pump Station will be rehabilitated; the Redwood City Pump Station will be replaced; the Belmont Pump Station will be rehabilitated; and, the San Carlos Pump Station is no longer needed due to the new gravity pipeline. Flows from San Carlos and Belmont will enter into the gravity pipeline via a drop structure at the current San Carlos pump station site. Flows from the Menlo Park Pump Station and the Redwood City Pump Station will flow through the new 48-inch force main to a drop structure at Inner Bair Island.

What's Happening

Pump Station Project

Last Updated July 2020

Belmont Gravity Pipeline

The Belmont Gravity Pipeline will replace the existing pumps and force main, which carries wastewater from the current Belmont Pump Station. Design will reach 100% this month.

Menlo Park Pump Station

This month, the project will reach 100% design. Investigations into the condition of the pipe downstream of the pump station are currently ongoing.

Redwood City Pump Station

The SVCW Commission approved the construction phase of the design-build contract with Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV). The Redwood City Pump Station will be completely replaced and will include a remote screening facility; the new pump station will be adjacent to the existing station on the same site. Once complete, the Redwood City Pump Station will be capable of pumping flows during the wet weather season from both Redwood City and the Menlo Park Pump Station which serves the West Bay Sanitary District. Flow exiting the Redwood City pump station will merge with the Menlo Park Pump Station flow before entering the new gravity pipeline tunnel, which is then carried to the SVCW wastewater treatment facility.

San Carlos Pump Station

Crews are preparing for construction by coordinating and finalizing work schedules. Both Shea Parson Joint Venture and Barnard-Bessac Joint Venture are collaborating on this project to connect the Redwood City and Belmont flows to the gravity pipeline.

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Pump Station Project

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