Front of Plant August 2020

Receiving Lift Station

This month, construction of the second pass walls continues within the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) vertical shaft. With four vertical sections needed to complete the construction of the second pass walls, SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), is constructing the panels of the fourth and last lift. Once the concrete for the last lift is placed and cured, the interior walls of the RLS shaft will be ready for detailing, with conduit, piping, walking platforms, etc.

Headworks Facility

Structural work is complete for the Headworks Facility, which is where the initial stage of the treatment process takes place. This preliminary process removes inorganic, obstructive material such as rags and grit that might interfere with the treatment process. SPJV will install mechanical equipment, including flow control gates, grit removal equipment, and bar screens, that will help remove these materials in the wastewater flow before it reaches the plant.
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