Front of Plant August 2022

Construction work proceeds at the Surge and Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft over at the Front of Plant (FoP) site. SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), has completed construction of the second pass walls, with the curing of poured concrete within the precast beam pockets. The beam pockets are vertical openings in a column where an intersecting beam is framed, and they have been designed to support the SFS shaft cover sections. SPJV is also in the process of applying coatings to the exposed surfaces in the shaft and on the roof sections.

At the Receiving Lift Station (RLS), installation of manifold piping for the six RLS pumps is complete, and efforts are underway to complete installation of drain pipes, flanges and other supporting equipment. Once all the pumps and piping are in place, SPJV will conduct hydrotesting of the piping, which is an important quality control step. Hydrotesting is a process by which equipment such as piping systems and pressure vessels are tested for strength and leaks, in order to validate that they will perform as intended once the system is commissioned for operation. Electrical work also continues within the RLS, which includes final installation of conduits for light fixtures and other instrumentation, as well as pulling variable frequency drive (VFD) cables for connection to the RLS pumps. As the Front of Plant approaches later stages of construction, SVCW has begun high level coordination efforts with the contractors and the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team to plan for safe and timely systemwide function testing and startup.

RLS pumps
RLS shaft roof panels
SFS shaft work
SFS and RLS shafts overlook
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