Front of Plant (FoP) Site Heavy Construction Begins Monday, July 31, at Silicon Valley Clean Water

The FoP project heavy construction will begin on Monday July 31and last about three weeks. Additional bulldozers, earthmovers, dump trucks, lime spreaders and mixers will arrive Monday morning and then the actual work will begin Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning (August 1).

The first stage of work will be lime stabilization on the FoP construction area and this process is expected to take approximately three weeks. After lime stabilization, site filling and grading will occur with fill imported into the area prior to final grading and paving.

This project will not use the powdered lime that is typically problematic in windy conditions. The lime we use is more coarse and pelletized so we do not anticipate a wind born problem. Our Geotechnical engineer Dave Mathy of DCM will monitor the application and give guidance as necessary.

There will be an increase in noise levels but we will do what we can to minimize the disturbance and we will be monitoring the noise levels to insure compliance with noise requirements. This heavy construction will start closest to the west and then move east and this will minimize the noise as the three-week period continues. After the lime stabilization, heavy construction of fill and grading will continue but the noise should lessen as we move away from the west and less heavy equipment is utilized and the project progresses.

It is possible that the noise could be heard inside the office complex when the work is nearest the western edge of the property but this would diminish quickly as the equipment moves east.

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