Front of Plant January 2022

At the Front of Plant site, SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), has completed work on the connection of the two-branch 60-inch manifold to the piping at the interface wall between the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) and Surge and Flow Splitter (SFS) shafts. This connection will permit raw wastewater entering the SFS shaft from the gravity pipeline tunnel to be pumped via the six new RLS pumps, to the new Headworks Facility for preliminary treatment. With the completion of the connection, SPJV is performing installation of miscellaneous piping as well as knife gate valves at the connection points for each of the RLS pumps. Simultaneously, SPJV is continuing with the installation of personnel support grating above the manifold piping to allow SVCW staff to access pump motors and valve actuators. The installation work includes handrails, electrical conduits, and electrical panels within the RLS shaft.

Within the SFS shaft, construction of the second pass walls on the interior wall of the shaft is underway. These walls are intended to serve as the finished wall surface inside the SFS shaft which will be coated later this year. SPJV has completed installation of steel rebar within the forms for the walls. The rebar was curved to match the curvature of the SFS shaft wall in preparation for the concrete placement for the second pass walls.

With a lot of concurrent work at the SFS shaft for Front of Plant and Gravity Pipeline projects, both SPJV and BBJV are maintaining consistent coordination efforts to ensure the highest quality of work, without causing schedule impacts or conflicts.

Rebar installation inside SFS shaft
RLS shaft roof panel section rebar in progress
RLS manifold piping and valves
Drone image of the RLS shaft
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