Front of Plant January 2023

Construction work proceeds on the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) at the Front of Plant (FoP) site. With the installation and hydrotesting of the RLS pumps, piping and supporting equipment complete, SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), is touching up paint on all of the process equipment. This month, SPJV is also working on installation of stairs on the shaft exterior and completing miscellaneous architectural improvements. As the Front of Plant construction draws to a close over the next few months, the contractor continues to maintain a high level of coordination with SVCW’s Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality of work.

SPJV completed construction of the Surge Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft this month, with placing the final precast roof sections on the precast roof beams. Coating application on the SFS surface is complete, along with installation of electrical wires, conduits and other miscellaneous equipment at the shaft deck.

Concurrently, efforts towards a safe and timely startup of the Front of Plant site continue to progress. A 21-day functional test at the new Headworks facility is set to commence in the next few months. A functional test is performed ahead of the facility start up to ensure that all systems are working as expected prior to full start up. SVCW and SPJV are also working together to organize regular training sessions with various equipment vendors to ensure the O&M crew receives comprehensive operational training prior to full startup and the operational transition of the facility to SVCW.

SFS and RLS shaft overview
SFS shaft deck/cover
Equipment installation at FoP Headworks
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