Front of Plant July 2020

Receiving Lift Station

Shea Parson Joint Venture (SPJV) is completing the construction of the second pass walls in the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) vertical shaft. To date, concrete has been placed for three of four panels with setting rebar and placing concrete for the final panel up next. Once the second pass walls are complete, they will extend higher than the existing shaft by 6 feet.

Headworks Facility

Concrete chambers that hold the grit removal systems are being detailed for permanent installation in the Headworks Facility. The grit removal system is designed like a stacked tray, and functions to capture and retain over 90% of the grit that passes through the Headworks Facility with minimal energy loss. Grit is all non-organic material like sand and silt. The stacked tray design provides a large surface area that allows grit to settle at the bottom as the incoming water swirls from the top. There are no electrical components and no moving parts, making the grit removal system an energy efficient mechanism to remove grit from the wastewater. In addition, grit removal protects downstream equipment and processes from abrasion and sedimentation.

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