Front of Plant June 2021

Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW)’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), continues working on the Headworks Facility at the Front of Plant. This month, major electrical equipment arrived onsite for installation. Work within the electrical building has been progressing with the installation of major electrical equipment over the next several months, including control panels, cables, cable trays, junction boxes and communication cabinets. With major electrical equipment arriving onsite for installation, SVCW and SPJV are attending factory witness test sessions from the equipment manufacturer to verify that newly manufactured and packaged equipment meets its intended purpose and contract specifications.

In addition to work within the electrical building, SPJV is continuing with the installation of the odor control ducting (piping) at the Headworks Facility. Various pieces of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) pipes are being installed from the deck of the Headworks Channels and Solids Loading Room to the odor control equipment. The FRP pipe varies in sizes at different locations of the Headworks Facility to maintain balanced air flow for the treatment of foul air from the Surge and Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft and the headwork process areas.

Within the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) shaft, SPJV has completed the installation of a permanent elevator that will be used by SVCW to transport personnel, tools and equipment in and out of the shaft once the RLS is operational.  Once the permanent elevator is certified for installation, SPJV will work on constructing scaffolding within the RLS to start on the last phase of work on the upper mezzanine,  which will serve as an observation deck. The lower portion of the RLS will also have lower mezzanine level, which will serve as a maintenance deck. 


Installation of FRP ducting for treatment of foul air  facility
FRP ducting installed around Headworks and connected to the Odor Control facility
FoP Progress – Aerial Image
FoP Progress – Aerial Image

For more information about the Front of Plant project, go here.

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