Front of Plant May 2021

In May, the grit washer classifiers were installed at the Headworks facility.
Wastewater passes through the grit removal system then enters the grit washer classifier, which typically has two parts: the wash tank and discharge screw conveyor. This system “washes” the inorganic matter, grit settles to the bottom and is transported for offsite disposal. The grit material is abrasive and removed early in the wastewater treatment process to prevent damaging downstream equipment.
At the Headworks facility, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV) is installing ducting pipes for odor control. Foul air that comes from the new gravity pipeline and headworks facility will pass through the ducting to Biotrickling Filters for treatment and Granular Activated Carbon vessels for “polishing” before it gets released.
For more information about the Front of Plant project, go here.
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