Front of Plant September 2023

Construction work at the Front of Plant (FoP) site approaches completion. SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), continues work on the interconnecting pipeline connection to the WWTP influent. The interconnecting pipeline is a new 63-inch diameter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe that will convey wastewater from the FoP headworks facility to the existing WWTP. SPJV finished installation of the steel pipe pieces and pipe supports for the final connection to the WWTP influent. This month, SPJV is performing hydrotesting on the pipeline which is a vital step to make sure that the pipeline is correctly constructed and ready to use, before it goes into full operation.

Efforts towards a safe and timely startup of the Front of Plant facilities continue to progress. Functional testing at the Headworks, RLS, and SFS was successfully completed last month. These tests are intended to ensure that all systems function as per design prior to full startup. A 30-day acceptance test at each of the three facilities is set to follow later this month. SPJV has concluded the automatic system training for SVCW’s Operations and Maintenance group, which was intended to integrate control strategies with field training to familiarize the O&M staff with operating and controlling the system as a whole. A performance testing procedure will also take place at the odor control unit towards the end of this month.

Work related to Interconnecting Pipeline
Interconnecting pipeline installation (center of picture)
Temporary bypass piping and pump station (right)
Front of Plant (overview)
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