Front of Plant Update

Front of Plant work continues to progress. SVCW’s design-build partner, Shea-Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), imprinted the SVCW logo onto the north side of the second level deck wall in conjunction with forming and placing the concrete wall. After curing, the exposed concrete revealed the finished logo. The team continues to work on the headworks facility and the two shafts at the site.

This month, the base slab for the 70-foot deep vertical Surge and Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft will be poured and left to cure. This is the bottom concrete surface of the SFS shaft that is part of the finished shaft structure. The SFS shaft is located immediately west (upstream) of the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) shaft, and will provide management of wastewater flows exiting the gravity tunnel and entering the RLS for pumping into the new headworks.

During the two week the slab is curing, the SFS shaft will be closed to all workers. SPJV will continue work in the RLS shaft and will install a temporary elevator to facilitate the movement of workers in and out of the 90-foot vertical RLS shaft. With the elevator installed, movement of the workers will be more efficient. SPJV is using a personnel tracking board as part of the safety program to track workers who enter and exit either of the two FoP Project shafts. SVCW takes the safety of its staff and team partners seriously, and is working closely with its contractor partners as they implement their construction safety plans for all RESCU construction sites.

SVCW logo on north-facing wall of the Headworks facility


Personnel tracking within the shaft
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