Gravity Pipeline April 2021

Salus, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), just entered its last stretch of tunneling while SVCW’s contractor partner, Barnard-Bessac Joint Venture (BBJV), prepares for its breakthrough at the Surge-Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft at the Front of Plant project site.  
The SFS shaft will receive the TBM at the end of her drive and will then be re-used for wastewater flow management once the Receiving Lift Station (RLS) and tunnel are complete. To prepare for Salus’s breakthrough, BBJV is installing jet grout columns – to prevent groundwater entering – and demolishing part of the receiving shaft’s wall at the point where Salus will pass through to the receiving shaft.
At the San Carlos Pump Station site, special excavation equipment was used to remove soil from the interior of the recently completed San Carlos Shaft. Air ventilation ducts were installed to provide a well-ventilated space for the workers to perform any work within the shaft.
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