Gravity Pipeline Feburary 2021

Tunneling progress of Salus’ second drive is progressing consistently, monitored by Barnard-Bessac Joint Venture (BBJV).

This month, BBJV started preparations at the Front of Plant for Salus’ planned second break through at the Surge-Flow Splitter (SFS) shaft. The preliminary site preparation includes establishing the laydown area that will be used to control subsurface water movement.
Salus will mine through this “grout plug” as the tunnel boring machine) approaches the outside surface of the SFS shaft wall. The grout plug will prevent unwanted water from entering the SFS shaft from the outside when Salus tunnels through the shaft wall. The laydown area will accommodate heavy equipment movement and storage that will be onsite prior to Salus’ arrival at the SFS shaft.
As two of SVCW’s contractor partners are occupying the same space concurrently, coordination and communication between the contractors are of the highest priority for safety and effective progress of work for both the gravity pipeline and front of plant teams.
BBJV completed about 50% of the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) carrier pipe installation within the completed tunnel from Salus’ first tunneling drive.
Read more about the Gravity Pipeline project here.
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