Pump Station Improvements December 2020

Redwood City Pump Station

Preliminary work including mobilization to the Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS) site and initial preparations for construction began this month.

Junction Boxes

Work underway includes starting repairs to the concrete junction boxes located along the 33-inch reinforced concrete pipeline (RCP). This pipeline carries raw wastewater from the Menlo Park Pump Station (MPPS) towards the SVCW treatment plant. After 45 years in service, the four junction boxes require some rehabilitation. Junction boxes act as inspection points along a pipeline to determine the pipeline’s existing condition and its remaining useful life.

Belmont Gravity Pipeline

Shea Parsons Joint Venture is preparing to start construction on the Belmont Gravity Pipeline, which includes use of a micro-tunnel boring machine (MTBM). Micro-tunneling will be conducted below Shoreway Road from the Belmont Pump Station to the San Carlos Pump Station. Within the tunnel that the MTBM creates, a 36-inch fiberglass reinforced polymer gravity pipeline will be installed. This construction method was chosen to minimize disruption to traffic for the public and adjacent businesses.

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