Pump Station Improvements June 2021

At the Pump Stations Improvements project, SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), is starting a new phase of work for the construction of the Belmont Gravity Pipeline (BGP) this month. With the new phase of work starting, SPJV will continue working on the constructing of vertical shafts along Shoreway Road and in the vicinity of the San Carlos Pump Station. These shafts will be used to support micro-tunneling operations, which is a trenchless method that will be used to construct the BGP.  The shafts will allow for the launch and retrieval of the microtunneling machine on different segments of the new BGP alignment.  The new gravity pipeline will extend from the existing Belmont Pump Station to the San Carlos Pump Station and is intended to carry Belmont wastewater flows by gravity to the drop structure connecting the San Carlos and Belmont flow piping to the new gravity tunnel at the San Carlos Pump Station.

Shaft excavation at Belmont Gravity Pipeline project

At the Redwood City Pump Station, work is continuing to construct the electrical building and the pump station wet well. This work includes installing electrical conduits before pouring concrete to set up the electrical building foundation.

Belmont Gravity Pipeline Progress
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