Pump Station Update December 2019

Design development for the Pump Station Improvement (PSI) project is nearing a significant milestone in December.  SVCW’s design build partner Shea-Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV) will be finalizing the 60% designs for Redwood City and Menlo Park pump stations, and for the Belmont Gravity Pipeline. In addition, the physical models of the Menlo Park and Redwood City pump station concepts have been constructed for hydraulic testing this month. These models will support finalizing the hydraulic designs for these two pump stations.  An important design aspect is the analysis of surge events, which involve potential infrequent and unplanned increases in pressure in the piping system. SPJV, through a specialty subcontractor is carrying out a surge analysis. This is a typical type of analysis performed on large systems such as the PSI Project which helps identify conditions that could lead to pressure surges within the pipeline that may cause damage and shorten the lifespan of the newly constructed equipment. By having this information, designs can be modified as needed to reduce the chance these types of events will occur.

To support the design of the PSI project, periodic field data collection events are necessary over the next several months. SVCW provides outreach notifications to businesses that may be affected by the field work. These notifications provide information about the work and how SVCW’s team is addressing potential impacts.

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