Pump Stations Improvements August 2023

SVCW’s Design Builder, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), and SPJV’s subcontractor Power Engineering Construction (PEC), continue restoration of jacking and receiving shafts. With the curb and sidewalk at jacking shaft 4 (JS-4) complete, PEC is in the process of preparing for paving, which will be followed by restoring the landscaping to pre-construction conditions. Piping modifications in the San Carlos Pump Station will be completed once acceptance testing is complete at the FoP facility. These piping improvements will be connected to the San Carlos manhole via a new 30-inch pipe, which will carry wastewater from San Carlos. The installation of this line will take place through the open cut method, where a trench is excavated to the required depth for pipe placement. Demolition of the Belmont Pump Station is also in design and will take place at the end of the Belmont project.

Structural and electrical work progresses at the Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS) wet well and screening building. SPJV will be installing pump base plates and discharge piping at the wet well, along with supplemental piping equipment. Simultaneously, work continues at the junction box, where the flow will enter the new screening structure. SPJV completed pouring and stripping of the junction box foundation, which will support the junction box as the rest of the facility is constructed and connected. At the electrical building, SPJV plans to install a new switchboard and electrical metering station later this month.

SPJV continues to make headway with structural and electrical improvements at the Menlo Park Pump Station (MPPS). SPJV has completed the cut-over to the new programmable logic controller (PLC). SPJV has replaced the influent slide gate and installed a new actuator. SPJV has successfully completed functional testing of pumps 1 through 5 in coordination with SVCW’s O&M personnel, and have disconnected and removed the existing, out-of-service VFDs. Additional activities at the pump station include painting the existing building exterior and performing a power cutover to the new PG&E supply.

Junction box work at Redwood City Pump Station
Junction box concrete placement
MPPS building
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