Pump Stations Improvements June 2022

Construction continues on the Belmont Gravity Pipeline (BGP) along Shoreway Road in Belmont and San Carlos. SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), and SPJV’s subcontractor Power Engineering Construction (PEC), continues to make progress with Phase 3 of the construction work. Construction of Jacking Shaft 3 (JS-3) is underway, with PEC completing sheet piles for support of the shaft excavation during upcoming microtunneling These sheet piles are interlocking sheets which provide temporary excavation support and help with soil support and keeping the excavation free of the surrounding groundwater. After completing the sheet piling driving operation, PEC began excavation of the shaft. Simultaneously, Vadnais Trenchless has mobilized the microtunnelboring machine (micro TBM) at Jacking Shaft 4 (JS-4), and resumed the installation of the BGP from JS-4 to RS-4, near the SVCW San Carlos Pump Station. SPJV continues to ensure consistent coordination with the SVCW public outreach team and neighboring businesses to limit impacts to traffic and construction noise.

At the Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS), SPJV continues structural work at the pump station wet well and screening structure. SPJV has completed hydrotesting of the A-side wet well at the new pump station, as a quality control step involving inspection for potential leaks in the concrete walls. The screening building and the wet well walls at the pump station have been backfilled up to the screening channel deck. SPJV has begun setting forms for the second lift walls for the screening building, which will bring the wall height to the full design elevation. SPJV will pour concrete for the second lift walls in the next month.

Structural and electrical improvements are progressing at the Menlo Park Pump Station (MPPS). At the B-side wet well, SPJV has completed replacing existing pumps and motors with new equipment, and is now transitioning to installation of supporting equipment such as protection guards, suction pipes, and drain pipes for each pump. Replacement of foul air ducts in the MPPS structure is ongoing.  SPJV anticipates completing the application of concrete coatings in the wet well and influent channel later this month. At the existing Segment 1 Force Main between the MPPS and the RCPS, PEC has installed new air relief valves (ARVs) and vacuum relief valves (VRVs), and is set to backfill each valve vault location to ground level as part of the site restoration work. The shutdown and installation activities related to replacement of existing equipment are being conducted with a high level of coordination between the contractor and SVCW’s Operations and Maintenance team.


RCPS screening deck

New MPPS pumps and motors

Segment 1 FM exterior ARV vaults

JS 4 micro tunneling

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