Pump Stations Improvements October 2023

SVCW’s Design Builder, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), and SPJV’s subcontractor Power Engineering Construction (PEC), are set to complete restoration of jacking shaft 4 (JS 4) and receiving shaft 4 (RS 4). Manhole covers have been placed at each shaft, and final landscaping operations are in progress to return the sites to preconstruction conditions. Piping modifications in the San Carlos Pump Station will be completed once acceptance testing is complete at the FoP. These piping improvements will be connected to the San Carlos collection system at a manhole via a new 30-inch pipe, which will carry wastewater from San Carlos to the newly constructed San Carlos Drop Structure.

At the Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS) wet well and screening building, installation of pump base plates and discharge piping is in progress. SPJV is now installing additional support structures, such as guide rails for the pumps and discharge supports. At the junction box located just upstream of the new RCPS and screening facility, hydrotesting as well as construction of the lower walls is complete. SPJV is now preparing forms for the junction box upper walls, which will be followed by installation of rebar prior to concrete placement. At the electrical building, SPJV finished placement of the new switchboard and electrical metering station.

SPJV makes progress with structural and electrical improvements at the Menlo Park Pump Station (MPPS). Functional testing on each piece of equipment is being conducted as the equipment is installed. This month SPJV is set to begin startup and commissioning on the new motor control center (MCC). Ongoing electrical work at the pump station includes installation of communications cabinet, air flow switches, and gas detection panel. Simultaneously, SPJV is preparing to pave the site with asphalt concrete later this month.

Redwood City Pump Station site
Menlo Park Pump Station site
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