Pump Stations Improvements

Construction work continues on the Belmont Gravity Pipeline (BGP) along Shoreway Road in Belmont and San Carlos. SVCW’s contractor partner, Shea Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV), subcontractor Power Engineering Construction (PEC), is progressing with Phase 3 of the construction work. The crew continues to drive sheet piles along Shoreway Road, which involves short-term complete shutdown of the road, followed by traffic control for ongoing management of traffic in the area. The vertical shaft, referenced as Receiving Shaft 3 (RS-3) is being excavated in various stages for installation of walers. Walers are horizontal steel structural beams that are mounted with the shaft to provide stability to the shaft support of excavation. All of the work is being conducted while ensuring consistent coordination with the SVCW public outreach team and neighboring businesses to limit traffic impacts.

RS-3 shaft preparation for sheet pile installation

At the Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS), SPJV continues structural work at the pump station wet well and screening building. SPJV has completed curing and stripping of forms on the first lift interior walls. SPJV is also performing hydrotesting of the exterior walls and the wet well walls at the pump station. This testing work provides inspectors with an indication of the quality of the concrete work and whether there are any potential leakage issues with the new concrete walls. Miscellaneous work continues at the electrical building on the RCPS site, which includes installation of the electrical building door and coping on the building roof.

RCPS screening building flow channels

Structural and electrical improvements are progressing at the Menlo Park Pump Station (MPPS). SPJV completed painting of the electrical room, and is installing conduits and power centers. With the B-side wet well shutdown in place, SPJV is in the process of removing existing pumps, motors and associated equipment, followed by installation of new pumps and motors. Additional work at the B-side wet well includes performing concrete repairs, setting of forms, and installing reinforcements in the influent channel. Once the forms are set in place, concrete will be poured, and new concrete coating will be applied to the finished concrete. The shutdown and installation activities are being conducted with a high level of coordination between the contractor and SVCW’s Operations and Maintenance team.

MPPS wet well
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