Pump Stations Notice to Prospective Designers and Contractors

Notice to Prospective Designers and Contractors

As part of its Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade program (RESCU), Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) will be initiating a selection process for the progressive design build (PDB) rehabilitation of three raw sewage pumping stations and one force main. The pumping stations to be rehabilitated include the Menlo Park Pump Station, Redwood City Pump Station, and Belmont Pump Station. The force main rehabilitation will be about 4,600 ft of 24-inch and 54-inch pipe. The work will be one PDB project and is referred to as the Pump Stations.

SVCW is a regional joint powers authority in the San Francisco Bay Area Region of California. The current SVCW wastewater conveyance system consists of four pumping stations and a long force main that conveys wastewater from SVCW’s four-member agencies to the SVCW’s wastewater treatment plant. The currently failing system will be replaced with the RESCU, a new conveyance system consisting of a deep gravity sewer (Gravity Pipeline) constructed by tunneling methods, Front of Plant (FOP) components consisting of Receiving Lift Station and Headworks (screening and grit removal/ Interconnection Pipeline/Odor Control/Electrical Infrastructure), and this Pump Stations project.

PDB selection will use a two-step process with Requests for Qualifications and Request for Proposals. SVCW will shortlist up to three PDB teams after the RFQ step and then issue an RFP to the short-listed teams.

Request for Qualifications are anticipated to be issued by SVCW in mid-July 2018.

Request for Proposals are expected to be issued by SVCW in mid-October 2018.

An Environmental Impact Report was prepared for the overall conveyance project and is available here. In addition, Project Planning Reports (PPRs) were prepared for each pumping station and rehabilitation of the force main and are available at the same web site location. Updates to the PPRs are being completed and will be uploaded when available.

Proposing PDB teams will include Cascade Integration and Development on their team for system integration services.

Outreach Meeting

An informational outreach meeting was held on June 27, 2018. SVCW provided information about the projects and responded to questions.

Click here for the sign-in sheet and the presentation.

Excluded Firms

A group of consultants are currently involved in work related to this PDB effort as advisors to SVCW and are excluded from participating as part of a PDB team. A list of the excluded consultants is available on the SVCW website.

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