Pump Station Improvements February 2021

This month SPJV continues to carry out preliminary work near the San Carlos Pump Station, and is in the process of mobilizing its subcontractors to start work for the Belmont Gravity Pipeline (BGP).

The team is mobilizing to the area adjacent to San Carlos Pump Station (SCPS) to start initial preparations for construction, including setting up a temporary construction support office, connecting temporary power for the construction crew, and setting up temporary construction fences with visible road signs for road traffic safety and navigation.
At the Redwood City Pump Station, SPJV continues its construction demolition work and removal of obsolete equipment from the site. During this process, SPJV is engaging with SVCW’s O&M on the demolition work to ensure that the pump station’s operations are not affected. While the demolition work is ongoing, SPJV is also working with PG&E on a plan to underground the power lines. The team will connect to a new transformer to establish the permanent power supply for the new pump station that will be built.
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