Survey Work for SVCW’s Gravity Pipeline Starts April 21 and Continues for Six Weeks

SVCW Pipeline And Shaft

Survey work for the SVCW’s Gravity Pipeline will start April 21 and continue for about six weeks. The initial survey work will not be visible to the public. The four shaft locations, shown in the graphic below, will be surveyed in detail. Other various features along the tunnel alignment will also be surveyed.

SVCW’s Gravity Pipeline will extend from the north end of Inner Bair Island along the west edge of the San Carlos Airport and generally along Redwood Shores Parkway to the SVCW Treatment Plant at 1400 Radio Road, Redwood Shores. The survey work will map the existing ground surface as well as subsurface utilities and various structures.

The main project activity will occur at the four shaft locations: North end of Inner Bair Island, end of Monte Vista Drive next to the airport, northeast corner of Shoreway Drive and Redwood Shores Parkway (on airport property), and at the SVCW Treatment Plant.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Tunnel Project Manager Bruce Burnworth at 650-339-1174.


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