Update: Work Progresses on SVCW Projects at Front of the Plant and Gravity Pipeline

Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machine

Site preparation improvements are continuing at Silicon Valley Clean Water’s front-of-plant (FoP) area at 1400 Radio Road at the southeastern tip of Redwood Shores. Completion of production piles is scheduled for mid-October. Piles are driven into the ground to support new facilities that will be constructed on the site in late 2018 through 2022. Improvements planned within the front of the plant area include a new receiving lift station, a headworks structure, a flow diversion structure, odor control and electrical facilities, and a storm water pump station.

Site work is underway for the gravity pipeline northeast of the intersection of Shoreway Road and Redwood Shores Parkway. This is the location for the tunnel boring machine (TBM) launch shaft, which will be constructed starting in November 2018. Site work involves grading and general preparation for future shaft and tunneling construction activities.

  • Once the shaft construction is complete, the shaft will be prepared for assembly and launch of the TBM.
  • The Earth Pressure Balance TBM is anticipated to be delivered in mid-summer 2019, with assembly and start-up of the TBM continuing until early fall.
  • The start of tunneling activities is anticipated for fall 2019 and will continue until late 2021. See a short video of tunneling using a TBM: https://youtu.be/fVidVJ30ob4
  • Tunnel support activities will be conducted in the area adjacent to the launch shaft, including storage and handling of tunnel support materials, soil removed and the pipe that will carry wastewater once the tunnel is placed into service in early 2022.
  • The use of this site for tunneling support activities allows the construction traffic to move directly between US 101 and the launching shaft area keeping the majority of the construction traffic away from Redwood Shores residential area.
  • Once the new pipeline is in service, the launch shaft will be filled, and the site restored and returned to the County’s San Carlos Airport.
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