Virtual Reality Technology Employed to Further the Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade (RESCU) Program Front of Plant Project

SVCW is procuring Virtual Reality technology (VR) equipment to allow SVCW Operations and Maintenance staff to virtually walk through the final design of the Front of Plant headworks facility before major construction begins. The VR model will show the positions of dimensionally accurate renderings of equipment and piping details in a virtual environment. The use of VR technology will allow staff to see what the final design will look like before major construction activities start on different elements of the project to validate the design or to make any final minor modifications that may be needed. SVCW is initiating early steps in training on the new facility by using VR before the actual facility is complete.

In the past, SVCW only had access to two-dimensional paper plans to view and to imagine what a space looked like. With VR, SVCW can view plans in 3D and “walk around” as if it were actually there. SVCW will have the opportunity to be immersed in the space, have the ability to walk around in the virtual environment, and to “fly” in and out of the area all within the safety of the RESCU Program office.

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