What You Need to Know About Pending Improvements to SVCW Pump Stations and Conveyance System

Under its Regional Environmental Sewer Conveyance Upgrade (RESCU) Program, Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) is moving forward to replace three of the five pump stations that transports wastewater for its member agencies in southern San Mateo County to the SVCW wastewater treatment plant. SVCW’s Commission approved the Shea/Parsons Joint Venture (SPJV) as the team to complete the design, construction, and commissioning of the Pump Stations Improvement project using Progressive Design Build. Construction of the project will occur between 2020-2023.

Menlo Park Pump Station Improvements

All proposed improvements to the MPPS will be within the existing site, and mostly within the existing pump station building located at 1401 Marsh Road. The existing pump station flow entry conditions pose hydraulic restrictions that create issues with handling incoming sewage. The inlet structure, wet well, and pump discharge manifold will be modified to improve hydraulic conditions and all pumps will be replaced to handle higher flows. Additional improvements include new flow metering, vacuum valves, a new standby generator, electrical and HVAC improvements, flood protection and onsite storm water management improvements, seismic upgrades, and security fencing and lighting.

Redwood City Pump Station Improvements

Construction of the new Redwood City Pump Station (RCPS) facility will replace the existing pump station at 1581 Maple Street.  Several alternative design concepts are being considered. One design concept that looks promising will allow the existing pump station to remain in operation on the site until a new structure is constructed adjacent and to the west of the existing RCPS building. Current design concepts include two new wet wells that serve both dry weather and wet weather pumps. The project also will include coarse screening of the wastewater flow entering the pump station.

Additional above-grade improvements include surge control tanks, a screenings handling building, odor control facilities, a fuel tank for the standby power generator, an electrical room, various improvements for flood protection and onsite storm water management, seismic upgrades, and security fencing and lighting.

Belmont Improvements
Belmont elements of the PSI project consist of three components:
  • The Belmont force main rehabilitation includes lining the existing force main sections that convey wastewater from Belmont to the San Carlos Pump Station (SCPS) location for discharge into the gravity pipeline.
  • The Belmont Pump Station (BPS) will be rehabilitated with seismic upgrades, replacement pumps with the capacity to handle future flows, and upgrades to piping and the electrical system.
  • San Carlos Pump Station will be decommissioned and repurposed to house ancillary equipment needed by the RESCU program. Necessary improvements include the installation of piping and the ability to meter and sample the combined flows being sent from the two cities (Belmont and San Carlos) into the gravity pipeline.
Belmont Force Main Rehabilitation

The Belmont force main rehabilitation will change how wastewater from Belmont enters the SVCW conveyance system. Currently, flows from Belmont enter the existing force main downstream of the SCPS. This will be changed to enable flows to enter the gravity pipeline at the SCPS site. Work will include the following components: rehabilitation of an existing 1,150-foot, 24-inch diameter segment of the force main and insertion of a slipline into 3,550 feet of the existing 54-inch diameter force main to transport the Belmont flow to the new gravity pipeline drop structure connection at the SCPS site.

Belmont Pump Station Rehabilitation

The BPS portion of the PSI project includes renovations to the pump station building and installation of three new pumps, replacing the existing pumps. In addition, all electrical components, and all site security within the BPS will be upgraded to current SVCW standards. Most of the pump station rehabilitation and replacement is expected to occur within the existing building.

San Carlos Pump Station Improvements

The improvements at the SCPS, which is located on the northeast end of Monte Vista Drive, include extending both the San Carlos sanitary sewer and the Belmont force main to allow wastewater flows from both cities to connect to the gravity pipeline. Also included will be the relocation of an existing 10-inch San Carlos force main.

The PSI project is using the Progressive Design Build delivery method which, by its nature, will enhance and improve upon early designs. The fundamental needs for the PSI project will remain but the details of how to meet the project needs will shift over the next year of design. Stay tuned to this website for exciting updates of how we’re progressing this phase of the RESCU program.

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